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ICYMI: Ashlee Nicole Featured On ‘Black Ink Crew New York’!

by Ashlee Nicole

“I don’t usually toot my own horn, but TOOT MUTHAFKN TOOT!” — those are the exact words from my Instagram caption — and they’re real AF. I’m not one to brag on my accomplishments, but with all of the shit we’ve been going through this year and last, I’m living and celebrating life abundantly. So, y’all gon’ get these toots!  

About two weeks ago, I received an email from VH1 asking for permission to include my photo underneath the headline I wrote for an article about Black Ink Crew New York star, Ceaser and his daughter, Cheyenne. The funny thing is that I wrote the article back in January (2021) for celebrity/entertainment news site, All About The Tea, so when I got the email in May, I was completely blindsided — in a dope way. 

PERMISSION GRANTED! I mean, why wouldn’t I? Of course, I was a smidge skeptical after reading all that legal jargon, but once I consulted with my lawyer, I signed that release form with the quickness! And I’m so glad I did. The episode premiered on Monday, May 17, and it wasn’t until I actually saw my face and name flash across the TV screen that it really hit me. It gave me the boost of confidence I didn’t realize I needed. 

The email came exactly one week after a terrible accident that left me confined to my bed with a mild concussion, a broken tooth, a busted lip, and bruises on various parts of my body. See, what had happened was… I lost consciousness due to dehydration. The entire incident was horrible, however, my life went from tragedy to triumph in a matter of seven days. 

Those who have been rocking with me for years know that I’ve been creating and producing content through my platform, Ashlee Nicole Spills. However, I’ve also written content for various companies for over 10 years. You can learn more about that here.  I wanna give a special thanks to Monica, the founder of All About The Tea, for giving me a bigger platform to shine. She is so bomb at what she does! Also, thank you all for all the love. Y’all really bucked my lil’ head up and gave me the push I needed! 

You can check out the full article here! & Stay tuned. There’s definitely more to come.

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