Lil Wayne Says He Ain’t Got No Worries When It Comes to Birdman [Video]

by Ashlee Nicole
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Lil Wayne performing at Mass Appeal show at SXSW
Lil Wayne performing at Mass Appeal show at SXSW

Source: YouTube/Mass Appeal

On the heels of thanking Rick Ross for coming to his defense in the Birdman diss track, “Idols Become Rivals,” Wayne had a few things to get off his chest about his former daddy. Last week, the New Orleans rapper performed at Mass Appeal: Live at the BBQ during the SXSW Music Festival. Now, we all know that Wayne never gets through his performances without sending a stern “F**K Cash Money” to the man he once called his father figure—but this time, he opted to elaborate on his true feelings to his fans.

“In all honesty, I know y’all do know I am going through some bullsh*t with my motherf**kin’ career,” he began. “N****s is trying to steer my career without letting me do or say a damn thing, but it’s moments like this that make that bullsh*t this big,” he continued as he used his fingers to show how small the drama mattered.

He took it a step further, though. And this time, he let the real out, telling fans what he truly thinks of Birdman. “If you think that I am stressing or letting this sh*t get to me, please remember: there’s too much good p***y and too many great motherf**kin’ loyal fans to worry about bullsh*t-ass Birdman,” he said right before the DJ dropped his 2003 hit, “No Worries.”

The crowd went crazy as Wayne performed the song, setting the perfect mood for his F-U statement to Birdman. Watch it all below:

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