Whiskeys That Make Perfect Holiday Gifts + Recipes

by Ashlee Nicole
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Holiday Whisky Cocktails

Tis the season to be jolly. It also doesn’t hurt if you have a little holiday cocktail to get your jolliness started. Here are a few whiskey recipes to spice up your holiday.

Rye Whisky Smash
Rye Whisky Smash
1.3 oz. George Dickel Rye
1 oz. lemon juice
.5 oz. simple syrup
5 Mint leaves
Luxardo Cherries
Garnish: Mint/Cherry




The 5 Keys


The 5 Keys
1.3 oz. Blade and Bow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
.75 oz. Sweet Vermouth
.25 oz. Cynar
.25 oz. Maraschino cherry liqueur
Glass: Coupette
Garnish: Cherry



The Beelzebub

The Beelzebub
1.3 oz. I.W Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
.75 oz. lemon juice
.5 oz. Orgeat
.5 oz. Lucano Amaro
.5 oz. Mezcal
Glass: Coupette
Garnish: Grated nutmeg




Northern Harvest Buck for Crown Royal
Northern Harvest Buck for Crown Royal
1.3 oz. Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye
.5 oz. lime juice
Dash of ginger beer






Bulleit Hot Toddy
Bulleit Hot Toddy
1.25 oz. Bulleit Bourbon
1 tsp. Fine Grain Sugar
2 Small Cloves
1.5 oz. Boiling Water
Glass: Coffee Mug. Add Bulleit Bourbon, fine grain sugar, and cloves in a mug. Add boiling water. Stir.

Happy Holidays! And please, drink responsibly.

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