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My First Time @ Daiquiri Fest

by Ashlee Nicole

A daiquiri to New Orleans is like Pizza to New York — it’s our drink mascot! It’s what we live by, die by (no, not literally). But we do love our daqs. If you’re visiting, you can’t enter the city without a daiquiri, and you damn sure can’t leave without trying one. Everyone knows the d-shop is the first stop you make when visiting NOLA, so, it’s only right that there would be a festival honoring the great drink that is a daiquiri.

The 4th Annual Daiquiri Fest was held in The Marigny. I’ve always wanted to go, and since my good friends at Balcony TV NOLA sponsored the performance stage (kudos to you!), it was perfect for me to dabble. It was a 2-day fest, consisting of 10+ acts, food trucks, and, of course, daiquiris. I rocked out to the sounds of ian a.Louis, the Hot 8 brass band, Tank & The Bangas, and then some. It rained the entire weekend, but it was a fun festivity.

My advice: More daqs!

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