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There’s No Thanksgiving Din Without These 5 Dishes

by Ashlee Nicole

Aside from being a day to give thanks for the things we have, Thanksgiving is about the food. We all know I love good food, but I don’t like all food; Especially not “traditional” holiday dishes. Here are my top 5 fave Thanksgiving Day dishes.


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Being a true NOLA girl, gumbo runs through my veins! I was made to love it. My favorite kind if Filé. Back in the day, when my grandma (the sole gumbo maker) was alive, she would make Okra Gumbo for Thanksgiving and Filé Gumbo for Christmas. Or maybe it was vice versa; Whatever. The point is, I anticipated the holidays for some good gumbo! Now that she’s gone, my mom is the gumbo pot whipper and makes it just like my grandma. In all NOLA households, this is a no-brainer item on the menu.









Honeybaked Ham

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And I don’t mean the homemade kind. First off, I absolutely hate ham, but there’s something about this honey-baked ham that’s so good. My sister tries to make a ham every year, and every year she takes it home. I want no parts of a homemade ham, give me mine straight from the Honey-baked Ham store. Please and thank you.






Stuffed Bell Peppers

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There’s nothing like a good, ol’ stuffed bell pepper to put next to your honey-baked ham. I love my green bell peppers stuffed with ground beef, shrimp and of course, a lot of seasonings.







Mac and Cheese

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Who doesn’t like mac and cheese? No one I know. Plus, I can’t have pieces of honey-baked ham and stuffed bell peppers without something cheesy to add to my taste buds. It’s like the ultimate combination.







Potato Salad

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I lied. The ultimate combination is not complete without the one thing every person is so picky about. When there’s potato salad in the building, it won’t get scooped without someone asking, “Who made the potato salad??” We all know “you can’t eat just anybody’s potato salad!” And we all think that our families make it best.









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