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Dee-1 Performs “Sallie Mae Back” on The Real, Talks Celibacy Until Marriage (VIDEO)

by Ashlee Nicole
Dee-1 performs on The Real

Dee-1‘s “Sallie Mae Back” is definitely the anthem of every former college student. Since the release of his celebratory song, it’s gone viral and received attention from major publications (Time, CNN, USA Today, Washington Post), became a trending topic on Facebook, and even gained him a spot on one of my favorite talk shows.

Dee appeared on The Real to perform his song for the first time on television. But before he got the crowd hyped with the super catchy track, the New Orleans-bred rapper sat down to chat with the girls and CNN’s Don Lemon who filled in for Tamera Mowry-Housely.

He shared his commitment to remain celibate until marriage while focusing on a greater path. “Y’all don’t see a wedding ring on this finger. So one of my areas I, you know, was having a little struggle, keeping that walk a little righteous with, was trying to remain celibate before marriage….” As the crowd applauds, he quiets them down… “Stay with me, stay with me. So I knew that if I could conquer that, I would have a platform of millions. And all I’ma tell y’all is, right now, millions of people are watching this,” Dee announced.

In case you missed Dee on the episode, check it out below!

And if you haven’t seen the “Sallie Mae Back” music video, watch it now:

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