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August Alsina Opens up About Battling Liver Disease: “I’m Sick All the Time”

by Ashlee Nicole
August Alsina
August Alsina

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In 2014, August Alsina collapsed onstage during a performance in NYC. According to his reps, he suffered multiple seizures, which were a result of his head injury, and he was put in ICU. Soon after, he went into a medically-induced coma for three days.

Once he woke up, photos circulated of him in a hospital bed with his head heavily bandaged and an oxygen mask strapped to his face. Sources claimed he fainted due to exhaustion and dehydration, but in 2015, August revealed to his fans of his deteriorating eyesight that would lead to surgery, leaving them to question his true health status.

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On Tuesday, the New Orleans-born singer revealed the unexpected. “I have a liver disease where my autoimmune system is fighting against itself,” he said in a sit down interview with close friend Jada Pinkett Smith. “The reality of it is, I’m sick all the time.”

For years, August, 24, has been battling this disease and never wanted to come to terms with it, until now. “I don’t really like to talk about it because I’m not looking for anybody’s sympathy. Don’t treat me like I’m a f**king cancer patient, ’cause I’m not,” he said.

August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith

Source: Instagram @augustalsina

August’s reveal comes just a few days after he asked fans to pray for him in another Instagram post. In the caption of the video, he got even more personal: “Please excuse my defense mechanism in this clip..I’m sicker than ever & having a hard time accepting what I feel & what the Doctors are saying is most true. After sitting down and talking with my fathers mother and sister.. They explained to me that sickness & illness runs in my family. My father & grandfather both died of severe illness. 😞😒 but they were FIGHTERS & that’s all that matters.”

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Prayers up for this NOLA boy and we wish him well in his time of need.

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