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August Alsina Talks Suicide Thoughts and Family Drama in “Song Cry” (Audio + Video Trailer)

by Ashlee Nicole

August Alsina drops an emotional track from his upcoming, sophmoric album, This Thing Called Life. In “Song Cry,” the singer croons about the hardships of his life. From being the child of an addict, to trying to buy his mother’s love, to thoughts of suicide, and even being rejected by the biggest names in Hip-Hop, August lets us in on some pretty deep issues.

And I know they think I’m sporadic
The bastard child of an addict
But I’m way too calculated
I try to love, but I never knew it
This money, I’m blowin’ through it
Ain’t rockin’ red or blue, I’m unafilliated
Cause my bloods and my cousins hate me
I try to buy my mama’s love, she don’t appreciate it
So I stay inebriated
I figured maybe Jay or Cole or Drizzy Drake
Would drop a verse and tell the people how we hurtin’
Guess I was mistaken
This moment mine for the taking
For all them nights I thought of suicide, contemplating…

Listen Up:

Just recently, August posted a text message from a cousin via his Instagram. In the thread, his cousin states that money and fame has gone to August’s head, and that he doesn’t care about his family. Cousin also goes on to say that August was the reason for his brother’s death. Whoa. August’s caption under the photo read, “Messages from my “family” #ThisThingCalledLife 😕.”

Seems ike this track is right on time. Peep the video trailer and look out for his new album, This Thing Called Life, dropping this year.

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