Drake Pays Homage to N.O. Bounce Music in “Nice For What” + Surprise Video

by Ashlee Nicole
Tracee, Issa, Yara, Tiffany in Drake's Nice For What video

Tracee, Issa, Yara, Tiffany in Drake's Nice For What video

Let’s be honest, Drake’s new single, “Nice For What,” is a glorified bounce song — and we love it! Earlier this week, during a performance with Majid Jordan in Toronto, Drake announced he was dropping a new joint. Last night, he came through with the fire that is “Nice For What,” featuring samples from Lauryn Hill, Big Freedia, 5th Ward Weebie, and BlaqNMild.

Drake - "Nice For What" artwork

Just when we thought the single was all we needed to get our lives, Drake released a video for “Nice For What” at the same damn time. And it. is. everything. From ballerinas to actresses to comedians to models, the video features a plethora of familiar faces of women in the industry.

The lineup: Olivia Wilde, Misty Copeland, Issa Rae, Rashida Jones, Jourdan Dunn, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tiffany Haddish, Yara Shahidi, Zoe Saldana, (Swedish twins) Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta, Letitia Wright (Shuri in Black Panther), Bria Vinaite, Emma Roberts, Syd (from The Internet), and Michelle Rodriguez.

Peep it:

This isn’t Drake’s first time sampling bounce music. On “Child’s Play,” off of his 2016 album, Views, he sampled Ha-Sizzle‘s “Rode That D*ck Like a Soldier.”

Being from New Orleans, we already know our culture is beautiful and like no other. Recognition from national artists like Drake, Beyoncé, etc., just confirm that the N.O.’s culture is unique and lit AF. Shouts out to our local artists for crossing over and getting that international shine as they should!

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