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Jazz Fest 2015

by Ashlee Nicole

Although I’ve lived in New Orleans pretty much all of my life, I’ve only been to Jazz Fest three times. I know, right? Well, the first year doesn’t count because I only went for the food (no judging). But the last two? Amazing times! This year was just as amazing. Even though I only attended the second weekend (always the best), I got to see some of my faves perform: Dee-1, Big Freedia (The Queen Diva), The O’Jays, Frankie Beverly ft. Maze, and above all, Ed Sheeran.

The weekend flew by so quickly, which I was happy about because it was super, über hot outside. But a blast was had. Check out the pics below, and for fun videos of Big Freedia + Ed Sheeran’s performance, head over to my instagram.

Festival readyFestival ready!

Dee-1Rapper Dee-1 performing on the Congo Square Stage.

Festing FoodieFesting Foodie | Crawfish Étouffée + Fried Chicken (that I’ve waited my whole life that day for) + Crawfish Bread.

Mango FreezeMango Freeze because it was über HOT! (Plus it’s so good)

PeaceThe “messages in the sky” guy came around to give us peace.

Joy, Love… and a little love + joy.

The perfect set upThe perfect setup.

ED!I was hoping all of these people realized they were at the wrong stage to see Elton John, then accepted the fact that this was as close as I was going to get to see Ed Sheeran.

New Friends, Jill and PhilWhen you wanna see Ed Sheeran, but your friend wants to see T.I. — You make new friends!

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