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NOLA Receives Messages in the Sky

by Ashlee Nicole

Something really cool has been happening  for the past couple of days. I was perusing through Instagram when I saw someone post the words “hope,” “believe,” “pray,” and “coexist” written in the sky. All of a sudden, various people started posting what they saw from where they were — all over the city. So, I ran outside, and of course, I didn’t see anything. I was super bummed — until the next day, I walked outside and saw “relax.” It came at the perfect time because I wasn’t having the best day.





I did a little research and found out that the person responsible for these “messages in the sky” was actually a New Orleanian who resides in L.A. According to WDSU, businessman and heir to the Space Walk business, Frank Scurlock, sponsored these messages because he felt, “There’s a lot of goodness, and people tend to forget that… We want to remind people it’s better to be good.”

The messages will also show up at Jazz Fest, spreading love for the party people.

Thank you, sir. With all that’s going on in the world, we definitely needed the reminder that there is still some good, somewhere.



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