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New Video: The Wave ft. Boosie Badazz – “Dollar Bill”

by Ashlee Nicole

You remember K. Gates from The Rap Pack, right? You know the hip-hop group from New Orleans who was a part of BET’s Music Matters series and whose video was featured on BET’s 106 and Park? Well, now he’s a solo artist who goes by The Wave.

The Wave and Boosie Badazz have a couple of things in common: they are both rappers and they’re from Louisiana — Boosie hailing from Baton Rouge and The Wave representing New Orleans.

The original “Dollar Bill” is featured on Wave’s Million Dollar Day album. This new, Boosie endorsed remix is the jam and will definitely circulate to new listeners.


I loved this song on-sight. When I first heard it, I immediately reached out to The Wave for an official copy so I could share it with you guys. It has such a positive vibe to it, plus, Boosie is on it — that’s always a win for me! I caught up and chopped it up with The Wave about this new single, how he and Boosie came together, and the deets on his upcoming financial tour.

A: What inspired this song?

TW: The new single is inspired by the ultimate American dream. The song is the anthem of every hustla and every economically driven individual on the earth. It also speaks to how there is contrast among demographics and professions. The politician, the kid selling Capri Suns to his peers at lunch in the public school system, the bootleg man, and bus driver all have the same thing in common, they are all grinding to get a dollar bill.

A: Will this be on an upcoming album?

TW: The new album is entitled 100 Million Dollar Day, and of course this song will be on the album. The feedback we have gotten on this new joint has been crazy, so I’m sure that this song is one of the cuts that will carry the album when it drops.

A: How’d you and Boosie come together?

TW: Well it happened organically; We crossed paths during a few business transactions. He appreciated my grind and work ethic when we partnered on a few ventures and the rest is simply history when you apply that #WaveGrease.

A:What’s The Dollar Bill Financial Tour, and when’s it happening?

TW: The Dollar Bill Financial Tour is an initiative to create awareness about financial literacy and education to our youth. The lack of understanding the value, power, and use of currency is a problem that is plaguing our urban communities today. Today’s generation has been fed a jaded depiction of success, and has no concept or true comprehension of how wealth building practices are implemented. We have visited the UNO Upward Bound Program, N.O.R.D, and other Summer Enrichment programs to kick it off and will continue to visit schools and churches throughout the year. This tour sets out to push our new song, and also promote positive change in fiscal appreciation to give our future doctors, lawyers, artists, and entrepreneurs an equal playing field.

Listen up + download:

The Wave feat. Boosie Badazz – “Dollar Bill” (Dirty)

The Wave feat. Boosie Badazz – “Dollar Bill” (Clean)

Download: The Wave – “Dollar Bill” ft. Boosie Badazz

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