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The NOLA Hip-Hop Awards Show Gets A Face Lift

by Ashlee Nicole

Every year, Supreme Street puts on the NOLA Hip-Hop Awards to show support to local artists who work hard to make a name for themselves in the Big Easy and beyond.

For the past six years, the show has been known to honor the city’s local Rap, Hip-Hop and R&B artists. This year marks the 6th annual awards show, but this time it’ll be a tad different. This year, the show will broaden its lane by honoring artists of genres outside of the Hip-Hop scene. Introducing, the NOLA Music Awards.

The NOLA Music Awards is an awards showcase giving appreciation and honor to our national and local artists who have exemplified the essential aspects of Jazz and Urban Culture. NOLA Music Awards will be a 3-day event filled with jam sessions, industry seminars, live-art installations at Ya Ya, artist cyphers featuring legendary brass bands, community out-reach activities, culminating in the end event, the awards show on October 24th.

I contacted the event’s creator and head honcho of Supreme Street, Lawrence Parker, on the name change and what we can expect from the “new” awards show.

A: What calls for the name change from NOLA Hip-Hop Awards to NOLA Music Awards? What will be different this time around?

LP: I believe there should be an award show that has our entire culture involved from Jazz, Urban, Brass, Indian and Arts. I feel the Jazz and Brass culture are the foundations of Hip-Hop and R&B. Jazz music was started in New Orleans.

A: Is there anything new the audience should look out for?

LP: There’s a new campaign to protect our culture and maintain our heritage – #ProtectNewOrleans. There will also be new categories: Best Brass Band and Ambassador Award.

@NOLAMusicAwards, @TheColorGalleryInc and @ProtectNewOrleans are teaming up to focus on the New Orleans community and revitalization to highlight its strength and resiliency by providing the information, resources, and motivation for the community to move forward from within. Please make a donation to The Color Gallery, Inc. as they work to decrease community violence and school aged related crime by providing a creative means of expression.

I’ve been on the NHHA panel since the beginning and have witnessed so much progress. Every year, expectations are heightened, and personally, I’m never disappointed. I bet this year will be no different. I’m super excited to see what this new tweak has in store.

The NMAs Weekend Itinerary:
Friday, 10/23: “Welcome to New Orleans” Jazz, Art, and Hip-Hop Mixer
Saturday, 10/24: NOLA Music Awards
Sunday, 10/25: Community Outreach and Artist Picnic

Times and locations will be released at a later date. Tickets onsale in August.

*ARTISTS, if you want to be a part of this year’s cypher, or nominated for a NMA, the deadline to submit music is JULY 31st. Send all submissions to nolahiphopmusic@gmail.com.

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