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ICYMI: Lucky Daye Shines Like A Mardi Gras Doubloon During Tiny Desk Concert [VIDEO]

by Ashlee Nicole

One thing about me: I love a good Tiny Desk Concert. NPR’s intimate video series has been a constant vibe in my life for years and is now the background music to my day-to-day. Yesterday, I was jamming to past performances by Sir, Anderson .Paak, and Lucky Daye. And though all concerts are dope, I just had to put y’all on Lucky Daye‘s Tink Desk. 

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Lucky DayeSource: YouTube/NPR Music

ICYMI, New Orleans native Lucky Daye bussed upon the scene in 2018 with his debut single, “Roll Some Mo.” The single took off, earning Grammy nominations for Best R&B Song and Best R&B Performance. Following the 2019 release of his debut studio album, Painted, he recently teamed up with the legendary icons Earth, Wind & Fire and Babyface on “You Want My Love” — a reimagined version to the group’s 1973 hit, “You Can’t Hide Love.”

ICYMI, Lucky Daye made his Tiny Desk Concert debut in 2019 and lit the small stage up as he performed “Roll Some Mo,” “Misunderstood,” and “Late Night” — all from his album, Painted. His charisma shined bright like a Mardi Gras doubloon. “Enjoy, sit back, relax, and put ya safe belt on,” he joked before continuing his performance. 

The New Orleans-bred artist took a pause to bask in the moment. “This is amazing, y’all. I’m really grateful,” he said to the intimate crowd. “I’m the type—I’ll buss out crying. I’m hard on the outside, but I’m soft on the inside. So, I’m not got’ even start,” he continued. His performance is dope AF. Enjoy! 🥰

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Lucky Daye recently gave some inside deets on what we can expect from his second album. “I’ve grown in a way where I’m not thinking about myself when I’m doing my music anymore. I’m thinking about the people that actually saved me from quitting,” he told VIBE magazine when asked about his musical growth since Painted. “The people that listen to my music, and who share my music. I’m doing it for them,” he continued.

He added, “And, I’m doing it for all of black motherf**kers that I know that need to come up out of the g*ddamn brainwash and get to another level, a higher level in life. We gotta just smile, and be where we gon’ be, and stop complaining, and just go up. Not talk about it, be about it, ya heard me?!”

Lucky also mentioned that Lil Durk, Smino, and Alicia Keys may be featured on the album. Now that’s lit.

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