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Lil Wayne Appears as “Weezy Jefferson” in Super Bowl Commercial [VIDEO]

by Ashlee Nicole

Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching and there is one funny commercial you have to look out for. Rapper Lil Wayne joins apartments.com‘s spokesperson Jeff Goldblum in the Jefferson-inspired #MovinOnUp commercial.

In the one-minute commercial, Goldblum returns Brad Bellflower, a “Silicon Valley Maverick,” who is being lifted up while playing a piano. With a gospel choir singing a “Movin’ On Up” hymn in tow, he gets to a top floor and notices George and Weezy who turns out to be first President George Washington and Weezy F. Baby. Funny, right?

There, the unusual duo are hanging out at their roof-top Super Bowl party as Weezy’s grilling burgers. George attempts to throw beans in the mix, but not before the choir stops him, singing out “Beans don’t burn on the grill!”

Be sure to tune into Super Bowl 50 as the Carolina Panthers take on the Denver Broncos, this Sunday, February 7 at 5:30 p.m. CT on CBS. NOLA, note that this is also the Sunday that Krewe of Bacchus rolls, leading up to Fat Tuesday!

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